How we started


Sean is the owner of this buiness and had been running it for a few years. Then upon meeting, Katie his partner, she has  help him decide on a new direction. Bringing a new perspective and the incentive of a new baby on the way, due in November the company has started off in a new direction. 

Upon going to shows and talking to different people we realised there was a market for beautiful farm signs that the farmer and wife would both love. 

Our company is based in Newcastle and with lots of great resources we can have your personalised farm sign, complete and hanging from your farm entrance of bolted to your gate within one month of your order. 

Signs and Screens does not only make custom farm signs but also commercial signs, custom fire pits, screens, garden furniture and yard art. Contact us on our website today, to get a quote or view our range.

We also have a new shop open in Gloucester New South Wales, and also we have products for sale at the Barrington General store, 

Feel free to contact us with any enquires at 

customfarmsigns@gmail.com or by mobile at 0413475693