Where Does Signage Head in 5 Years?

We live in an electronic world. There are many factors and technological advances which may affect signage over the next five years. This includes the way that it is displayed, demand for signage including custom made signs and farm signs, and the way that signage is produced.

The Environment

Green issues are becoming more prominent for printers, brands, and governments. This is affecting signage and display options and the printing equipment used. There is a rise of UV-curable and latex technology in signage.

Printing Equipment

Hewlett Packard has increased its focus on the sign industry with its Latex 300 printer series. Major printing improvementsand other changes in technology will improve the quality and speed at which signs are produced.

Traditional Signs

A large percentage of sign making involves vinyl and laser cutting. Although digital printing will add to the sign industry, it will not replace traditional techniques on a large scale.

A lot of signage is still traditional, with the end result being a vast range of custom signage and great quality in colour.

In the future metal farm signs and custom metal signs will still be prominently used as they are hard wearing and have resistance to the weather and elements.Colours and designs will change with trends.

Digital Signage

Digital signs are best for displaying information that changes. Train stations, airports, shopping malls and sports venues are well suited to digital signage. The use of these signs will increase over the next five years, particularly in large grocery chains and in retail.

Although digital signage will increase over the next five years, traditional signs are still ideal for shops, most forms of business and property and farms signs. Many businesses use a mix of digital and traditional signage.

The signage industry is headed for growth. Technological advances make way for different types of signage and there will be many methods to make the sign making process quicker. Traditional signage, as well as digital signage, will continue to be needed.

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