Why Signage is Timeless

The principles of signage do not change. A good sign may still need to be changed due to wear and tear and the elements, however the way that signage is displayed and the message it conveys do not. Signage is timeless because it always has the following characteristics:

  • All Businesses, Shopfronts and Rural Properties Need Signage

People need to know that they are in the right location, and drivers passing by or pedestrians will find out that the business or property exists. It is a form of advertising. Whether you choose custom made signs or one from the many range of pre-designed signs, signs are necessary. Signage is here to stay!

  • It is Often the First Thing That People See About Your Business, Farm or Home

A lot can be told about the character of a business or property from the sign. Is it modern and forward thinking? Is it bold? Is it striking, creative or entertaining?

  • There are Many Sign Choices

The possibilities are endless when choosing a sign. There are different materials to choose from, and the look, environment, and weather must be factored in here. Custom metal signs, standard designs and metal farm signs are some of the great choices available.

  • Simple Large Fonts are Best

Large fontswill always be used on signs so that they stand out from a distance and are easy to read.

  • Short Phrases on Signs Will Always be Attention Grabbing

Signage is timeless in this regard. Long phrases or sentences can be difficult to read and do not portray the desired information quickly. Simple and catchy is best.

  • Traditional Businesses Suit Traditional Signs

When the design of a sign is traditional or timeless, it shows that your business is traditional, established and dependable.

In some industries tradition is important and it makes sense to also have a more timeless old style design. I.e. cobblers, antique stores, some farming, inns, and barbershops for example.

  • Use Effective Colour

Great use of colour has always been and will always be, an important aspect of signs. Metal signs are a great base for a variety of colours.

Signage is an established industry that is essential to businesses, rural property owners and more. Although times and trends change the principles of great signage remain unaltered. Contact Custom Farm signs for all of your signage needs.

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